Lunar Eclipse 2007-03-03


Lunar Eclipse 2007-03-03

Click on the image for a larger version, or at the diferent moons for the original images.

The pictures are taken at Nyborg, Trondheim, Norway. The night started with rather cloudy sky. But when the eclipse was around its maximum the clouds disappeared and it was possible to make good photo shots for the rest of the event.

The photo above is compiled of pictures taken with a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. Focal length is 72 mm which gives an appr. 8 times magnification. The photos at the beginning of the serie is taken with aperture 3.5 and exposed for 2 seconds. The last one is shot at aperture 8.0 and exposed for 1/200 second. ISO value is 80. This difference gives an indication of the difference in luminous intensity between the full eclipse and its end.

During its maximum it was possible to see faint stars quite near the moon.

moon with stars

The three stars in Leo has visual magnitude 5 (59 and 63 Leonis) and 6 (56 Leonis). (Click on the image for a larger version.) The angular distance between 56 Leonis and the moon is only 0.3 degrees (18 minutes of arc).


2007-03-07, Jan Erik Kofoed